Rubik’s Cube Solutions on Youtube

A cube consisting of 3x3x3 smaller cubes with 6 solid colour on each face of the cube — that is what a Rubik’s Cube is. Each face can be turned independently and as a result there are enormous number of ways the cube can be rearranged. Once scrambled it is a tough job to solve it and it always eluded me. Until I watched how to solve Rubik’s Cube on youtube and learned that for myself. I have assembled a youtube playlist which can be useful for anyone  learning to solve the cube and some other similar puzzles.

If you have any suggestions for other videos, please post a comment with the link; I will put that in the playlist. I like to mention that, although the methods shown here are good for beginners, there are plenty other advanced methods which are faster but more difficult to learn. In some later post I plan to talk about some of those techniques.

Happy Cubing 🙂