Personality Traits

How can you describe one of your friends to a stranger? You tell him about some of his prevalent characteristics such as talkative, trustworthy, intelligent etc. Some of those characteristics may change over time while some may remain almost same even after a long period. Did you ever meet a childhood friend after a long […]

Linux One Liners

I have collected few linux one liners for linux/unix shell script. The majority should work on bash, but some may work with other shells as well. Out of necessity in different situations, I have found some of the one liners. Others are collected from the net which I found interesting. Most of the one liners […]

My Songs

I love music and I like to sing. Recently I started recording some of the songs I like most. Most of the songs are popular bangla songs and none of them are my own. Enjoy the songs and feel free to post comments and/or suggestions.