Personality Traits

How can you describe one of your friends to a stranger? You tell him about some of his prevalent characteristics such as talkative, trustworthy, intelligent etc. Some of those characteristics may change over time while some may remain almost same even after a long period. Did you ever meet a childhood friend after a long time only to realize nothing has changed a lot. These long-lasting characteristics may be loosely defined as the personality traits.

I am not a professional psychologist and I do not have any formal education either. The article is just an expression of my own understanding about some aspects of psychology.

Can I change my personality traits?

This is one of the first question that comes into mind after learning about personality traits. In my opinion the short answer is “No, one can not just change one’s personality”. Granted, this is one extreme view of personality trait, as we see many counterexamples of this around us. However, the changes that we see in others and sometimes within ourselves as well are mostly changes in behaviour, mood, and our experience. As we become wiser with age we learn to behave differently in different circumstances as well as adapting our behaviours according to change in context. How we feel inside and the process of our thinking and preference do not change much though.

Another important distinction between personality and mood needs to be clarified as well. Mood is something that may change frequently whereas personality is long term characteristic. For instance a naturally talkative person may become quite reserved for a period of time after experiencing tragedy in his/her life. On this note, I want to mention that even personality traits can be significantly altered on such tragic experiences.

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Linux One Liners

I have collected few linux one liners for linux/unix shell script. The majority should work on bash, but some may work with other shells as well. Out of necessity in different situations, I have found some of the one liners. Others are collected from the net which I found interesting. Most of the one liners presented here are the simpler ones so that they are self-explanatory. For a comprehensive collection of linux one liners you can visit .

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My Songs

I love music and I like to sing. Recently I started recording some of the songs I like most. Most of the songs are popular bangla songs and none of them are my own. Enjoy the songs and feel free to post comments and/or suggestions.


Rubik’s Cube Solutions on Youtube

A cube consisting of 3x3x3 smaller cubes with 6 solid colour on each face of the cube — that is what a Rubik’s Cube is. Each face can be turned independently and as a result there are enormous number of ways the cube can be rearranged. Once scrambled it is a tough job to solve it and it always eluded me. Until I watched how to solve Rubik’s Cube on youtube and learned that for myself. I have assembled a youtube playlist which can be useful for anyone  learning to solve the cube and some other similar puzzles.

If you have any suggestions for other videos, please post a comment with the link; I will put that in the playlist. I like to mention that, although the methods shown here are good for beginners, there are plenty other advanced methods which are faster but more difficult to learn. In some later post I plan to talk about some of those techniques.

Happy Cubing 🙂